Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pretty in Blue

Blue defines calm & charm . I love working with blue theme , its a safe colour to play with.. combined with a little white or silver can hardly go wrong. The colour blue has its own gentle persona

Most of the projects I've done are of soft toned, I try to imagine a shade of stronger blue such as navy blue or even darker paired with gold...Ohh so stunning...

Tags & labels in damask design are my fav ...they are simply fabulous
Plain brown paper bag all dressed up...
Chocolate filled with bubble rice & whole roasted almond as a gesture of thanks to your guest
Harry & Diana....reminds me of British Royals...hmmm

Monday, November 28, 2011

It doesn't have to be polka dots

These cute little apams are economical & adorable . With some creativity the dots can also be stripes or in any other doesn't need to follow the norm even though it carries its commercial name as "apam polka dot"..maybe it deserves a new name..hmm..I've seen people have alphabets written on them...lady bugs ...super cute ..I've even seen rainbow color stripes...that's super tedious to make ....what ever colour they come in..what ever shape...I personally like its simple & cute personality....

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blue wedding theme

This time , my customer gave me a sample of turquoise coloured ribbon with a request that my macarons follow that shade of blue...hmm..this was the closest I could far so good....when mixing the colour it has to be a bit darker as it will turn lighter after baking....

I also had to reduce the filling to make sure the macs fit in the box given to me... didn't need my creative touch in the packing as my customer has given me ready to fill boxes & ribbons ...

These choc & peanut butter macs were only for the 100 guest at the VIP tables...other similar boxes were filled with candy....I went to the wedding....Everything was white & blue ... we had blue lemonade....charming...

Macaron Marvel

I guess Macarons hit Malaysian shores only recently ..maybe 1-2 years back . Unless one have traveled to Paris and pass by Laduree at Champ elysee street to peek into its stylish windows....we would have no idea what Macarons are...

These cookies does not come at its high price for nothing. They are indeed hard to make ... yup hard to make but once you have mastered the so call science of it , making them will comes at ease...however even with such skill ..there are still days when you just don't know what went wrong and the cookie flops...cracks....its so "macawrong" ...Perhaphs the bitter sweet relationship with macs make it the reason why we love them more ....its a true marvel

My fav...chocolate macarons....the hardest to make so far.....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It was a Great Schooling Year -Thank you teachers

The schooling season for 2011 has come to an end . It indeed was a great year with many great progress and achievement for me to keep as memories to wrap up the 2011 diary.

It is now almost 2 years since I took the road less traveled , a full time duty of managing the kids ,monitoring their development & being there through the good and the bad, experiencing it all first hand.

It was a challenge at first adjusting myself from a women who was used to board room meetings & power suit now running around the house trying to make everything perfect , later squeezing precious time doing what I love in my kitchen etc etc...just glad that I did purchased an apron in Harrods so that I can still be in style here...hehe ...guess I still needed a reminder to satisfy my ego...huhu...anyhow it was a choice I made and I am glad I was brave enough to take this path which I endlessly seek for Allah's guidance doing what I am doing...All praises to Allah it has benefited me & my family in many ways I have never imagined.It was the most unselfish decision I have ever made InsyaAllah

Ok now, my eldest son who is 14 made me a proud mom again this year by maintaining his top position in class ( num 2,3,4,5,6,7 were all girls...where are the boys!!...wake up little khalif!!)...we need more boys here in front line!!..

As a small gesture of appreciation ,he took this box of 15 chocolate filled with salted caramel, peanut butter & almond to school for Cikgu.....proudly announcing that they were handmade by mummy dearest....he is proud of what I am doing now for everybody and I can see how he appreciates all that I am doing for the family...It is a feeling I hardly felt in my 15 years of International Insurance broking career..that was the past & I am thankful for my present....

Self designed damask label printed on 230gsm card...Gorgeous!!
I love this shade of blue now....the black lacey ribbon makes it look like a Scalet Ohara gown from gone with the wind...Love it!!

Knowing that her brother has a gift for dear teacher ,my youngest daughter asked me to make macs for her teacher at kindy last night...yup last rained but I still went ahead to make them ...Made these teal & hot pink macarons for teachers at Little Khalif Al Hakim...lucky I had all their name list ...words would not be enough to say thanks to all the teachers...may your life be blessed...and yes...thanks a million for all that you have done.....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lets get personal

I think it is almost impossible not to impress a person and make them feel special by giving them a personalized gift .

For instance ,these simple transparent packs , they were filled with almond clusters and macarons ... each pack carries a name card of the receiver... with a personal designs for each & every pack....very personal

This packs however are only suitable as gifts for small groups such as office mates, best friends , close neighbors etc for weddings , they should all be the same.

Being up close & personal
Almond bubblerice Cluster & purple chocolate ganache macarons

Damask design is in a class of its own...LOVE THEM...Super Gorgeous!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Keep it simple - Stay Original

They say..when doing make up... less is more...don't try to change too hard...stay as original as what you are and enjoy being you.

I guess same goes for chocolate, no offence ..but I personally dislike colours added into chocolate. It's like trying to much to impress the imagination with rainbows of colours . (Macarons are different ya!)

Am most delighted when I make chocolate that are just chocolate
...I love chocolate in its original colours...dark ,milk and some white maybe....there is a sense of classiness it in...nampak formal...& elegant...effortless charm ....go observe the expensive swiss or even belgian choclates...mostly stay original...chocolate should be chocolate...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chocolate craving

I was extremely busy one morning preparing my lined up chocolate orders for this bertunang & kawin season when the phone rang and a soft voice spoke on the other end. According to the caller she had been looking at my handmade chocolates since she was pregnant and was only waiting to get her hands on it...craving lah ni.. Now that she has given birth she has just got to have it.

I seldom receive chocolate orders for self indulgence but considering her condition I took it anyway in hope to delight her with the bursting taste of dark/milk/white choc filled with honey almond, salted almond, caramel, raisins & peanut butter as requested...Hope she enjoys it.

Apam Polkadot in sweet pack

Besides making pretty treats , I love creating cute packaging for my customers .From time to time I will work on giving a fresh look to the packaging.

There are many home base choc maker and bakers out there and there are all good . We are all speacial in our own way ,what makes us different is creativity .I figured that when it come to doorgift nowdays what makes it different is concept , it's all about presentation which is why pakaging creativity will give an edge to products making it different from others. People like individuality don't just look at what others are doing and copy...come up with different...evolve...

This label was printed on a 120gsm paper card , it was a complimentary packaging for one of my customer, instead of using ribbons or putting it in a box, this packaging is chic ,sweet and cost only RM2 including contents....As usual my customers can have their message or name printed with minimal charge but this one was just plain sweet stripes

Friday, November 11, 2011

Customized brown bags - Economic yet chic

With our current economy , everybody is looking for ways to trim on their expenses . Just imagine having 1000 guest for a weeding and having to spend near to RM1000 just for a normal paper bag bought at favour stores just to fill in door gifts ( Jln TAR has a lot of choices ). The bags sold in stores however are not customized .The host often wants personality on their gift bags and this could be pricy.

In response to my customers request for chic but economic way to pack their goodies I have recommended brown bags with customized print cards. There are endless design to work with and various bag sizes, I am happy that I have managed to help my customer stay within budget...and spend their hard earn money on other important things

Example :The brown bag with strings are only RM0.80 ( Min 100 bags) .
This brown bag with 1 colour print is only RM0.40 ( Min 100 bags) .
2 colour print RM0.50..various colours & designs

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Delightful macarons.....the kid in all of us

Now days I cannot wait for the sun to shine to make mac since they are always in demand ,seems like everybody wants to try it even not everybody will like it , my mom hates it..hehe ...

I guess it is true that macarons are the new cupcake...their colours remind me of a day at the fun fair where everything is so forget your troubles & feel like a kid again...its colour therapy ..however I must caution those with high sugar level to avoid this cookie.. for every 125 gm of almond ground, there is 125gm custor sugar & 125gm icing sugar....which is why I will always go for dark choc blends down the sweetness

Colour therapy in a cookie

Didn't I say it brings out the kid in you?...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Outstation chocolate delivery

Outstation chocolate deliveries that need posting ( Outside Selangor & KL) indeed requires special packaging method. What I do is tightly pack them in foam boxes to avoid possible damage during journey. This one here is an example of a recent order mailed to Ipoh Perak. via Poslaju...charges on delivery by our national courier Poslaju is based on delivery zone, weight & size of box...the foam box ranges between RM10 - RM16 based on size....No I've never tried mailing macarons even there are request for it...I guess still have to figure out how ..they are so tender...hmm

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A peek into my kitchen - Where its made...

One fine Friday morning I receive a call from a regular customer cum friend now asking me if she could come over and have a "peek" into my kitchen that day ..... hmm just curious how I run my home base business....I assured her there's nothing special about this favourite area at home... glad she came anyway...Nora you are most welcome to visit me again ...and no I still cannot take more macaron orders for now....

Praline in the making

Cookies in the making

Macarons with pretty feet...Orange ( in the background )& Soft Pink

Melting chocolate

My reliable FAGOR Oven

Clean chocolate mold, my beloved EmpireRred Kitchen Aid purchased in Houston  US for only USD250. My next will be  a heavy duty one soon..

Love using Le Bourne chocolates, a product endorsed by Chef Ameer...

Junior Master Chef In the making....

Outside my kitchen window...a small koi pond with little heaven.