Monday, October 10, 2011

Last minute SOS orders....If I could... I would

Sometimes last minute orders is something that I just cannot say no to..especially when they are from friends cum my customers .As much as I could I would try to fulfill their request provided they are not the fussy ones to make and that my schedule on other things do not clash. No doubt that many times this kind of last minute orders can turn my kitchen upside down...

An additional 200 bags ( 600pcs) of mini vanilla cappucino muffins were a less than 48 hours order I had to do last weekend. Somehow the host of the wedding felt that their goody bags were not enough at the very last minute...I had to hire cheap labour for this kids..hehe...( upah is Domino pizza delivery..) lucky they we able to help out with the ribbons and packing...fuhh

The earlier order were 500 of these 4 cav almond and dates chocolate.The theme was purple but I used different types of ribbons for the 2

p/s : Pls excuse the quality of the photo...its handphone quality -Camera hubby bawak outstation..huhu

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