Thursday, October 20, 2011

Closing of Macaron Orders

Besides praline ,I have been overwhelm by these almond cookies for weddings this coming holiday season .I am super excited as many of them who booked are those who ordered door gifts & hataran during their engagement and now making repeat orders for their weddings..satisfied customers will always come back ya...and yes I always give them the best of what I can offer

As much as I love to be able to say yes to macaron orders , I am so sorry that I am unable to take anymore macaron orders until next Jan 2012 ...I acknowledge my limit. I can easily get assistance for my praline but the last time I try getting help for making macs..a whole batch of almond powder & precious aged eggs whites were ruined looks like I have to do them myself which is why I have to limit my orders for now...and yes the rainy season makes it even harder to make

To friends and those who contacted me on these cute marvels , thanks for your interest .

For those who wish to try making macs, I find that this French method tutorial from Delightdulce fun and easy...a friend tried it out and got it right the 1st time ...she's super happy...Just make sure its a sunny day ...( I had a lot of drama with Mr French Mac ) . With the current weather and the bulk production I have under my sleeve I have no choice but to convert to the Italian method which to me produces much more consistent result with less stress.I would suggest that you try out this step by step Italian Method mac from Dessertfirstgirl . All the best!! addition to purple macarons , these 25 cav choc in hard box were made for Nurain from Shah Alam who wanted "masculine look" chocs as hantaran gift...Its amazing sometimes to think of the variety of ideas my customers have in mind ..and how I have to translate the words into something that the sight & sweet tooth would be delighted to feast on....its a challenge but I am enjoying every moment of it....

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