Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chocolate Macarons - My personal fav

Not everybody likes macarons and I know that for a fact . I myself was not a macaron fan at first as I find it to be too sweet for my liking.. if it wasn;t for the cuteness of the colourful burger like cookie I wouldn't have even bothered to taste. My first Macaron was a Lemon citrus flavour mac and yup it was sweet I had my eyes is something a person with diabetic MUST stay away from....just forget to even nib on it..

My relationship with mac was like a love hate love affair ...I love looking at it...hate it when the filling is too sweet ( for me at least 1) it when I first baked it and saw "feet"...hate it when it flops it when I get it all perfect...hate it when it rains and I need to and so...

When asked ...what's my fav flavour..I must say with no doubt...Chocolate...dark chocolate...I find that the bitter sweet taste in dark cocoa filling blends down the sweetness of the marries perfectly is good does peanut butter and peppermint...somehow I would always recommend my customers these 4 flavour no matter what colour shell they pick for the occasion...

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