Thursday, October 20, 2011

Closing of Macaron Orders

Besides praline ,I have been overwhelm by these almond cookies for weddings this coming holiday season .I am super excited as many of them who booked are those who ordered door gifts & hataran during their engagement and now making repeat orders for their weddings..satisfied customers will always come back ya...and yes I always give them the best of what I can offer

As much as I love to be able to say yes to macaron orders , I am so sorry that I am unable to take anymore macaron orders until next Jan 2012 ...I acknowledge my limit. I can easily get assistance for my praline but the last time I try getting help for making macs..a whole batch of almond powder & precious aged eggs whites were ruined looks like I have to do them myself which is why I have to limit my orders for now...and yes the rainy season makes it even harder to make

To friends and those who contacted me on these cute marvels , thanks for your interest .

For those who wish to try making macs, I find that this French method tutorial from Delightdulce fun and easy...a friend tried it out and got it right the 1st time ...she's super happy...Just make sure its a sunny day ...( I had a lot of drama with Mr French Mac ) . With the current weather and the bulk production I have under my sleeve I have no choice but to convert to the Italian method which to me produces much more consistent result with less stress.I would suggest that you try out this step by step Italian Method mac from Dessertfirstgirl . All the best!! addition to purple macarons , these 25 cav choc in hard box were made for Nurain from Shah Alam who wanted "masculine look" chocs as hantaran gift...Its amazing sometimes to think of the variety of ideas my customers have in mind ..and how I have to translate the words into something that the sight & sweet tooth would be delighted to feast on....its a challenge but I am enjoying every moment of it....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chocolate Macarons - My personal fav

Not everybody likes macarons and I know that for a fact . I myself was not a macaron fan at first as I find it to be too sweet for my liking.. if it wasn;t for the cuteness of the colourful burger like cookie I wouldn't have even bothered to taste. My first Macaron was a Lemon citrus flavour mac and yup it was sweet I had my eyes is something a person with diabetic MUST stay away from....just forget to even nib on it..

My relationship with mac was like a love hate love affair ...I love looking at it...hate it when the filling is too sweet ( for me at least 1) it when I first baked it and saw "feet"...hate it when it flops it when I get it all perfect...hate it when it rains and I need to and so...

When asked ...what's my fav flavour..I must say with no doubt...Chocolate...dark chocolate...I find that the bitter sweet taste in dark cocoa filling blends down the sweetness of the marries perfectly is good does peanut butter and peppermint...somehow I would always recommend my customers these 4 flavour no matter what colour shell they pick for the occasion...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Virtual Gurus.....

When it comes to baking ,I somewhat consider myself a self teach baker ,besides good cook books , my teachers are knowledge obtained through cyber space which is available 24/7 and almost FOC . I got my first Macarons "lesson"from YouTube and went through the trial and error changing one method to another , with countless tips in forums etc etc until I get the so call perfect shells .

So blessed that we are living in this era where knowledge is just a click away ,secret recipes are not so secret anymore ....Internet is just such a powerful tool provided we use it wisely...I keep telling my kids that...

I am done delivering all my orders for this week and decided that I want to make cupcake for my own family treat last night , will take some to my moms house tomorrow during our weekly weekend family gathering.Since my sibling are no longer big fans of macarons ( coz dah selalu sgt dapat makan ) made chocolate cake which is our all time fav. Decorated them with these pretty 2 tone hydrangea buttercream ( I used real butter and not buttercup) frosting which I learn through Glorioustreats , instead of blue and purple , I used used cream and blue combined with Rose swirl designs which you can also learn from Bellacupcakes....

p/s : Still using my handphone camera...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Last minute SOS orders....If I could... I would

Sometimes last minute orders is something that I just cannot say no to..especially when they are from friends cum my customers .As much as I could I would try to fulfill their request provided they are not the fussy ones to make and that my schedule on other things do not clash. No doubt that many times this kind of last minute orders can turn my kitchen upside down...

An additional 200 bags ( 600pcs) of mini vanilla cappucino muffins were a less than 48 hours order I had to do last weekend. Somehow the host of the wedding felt that their goody bags were not enough at the very last minute...I had to hire cheap labour for this kids..hehe...( upah is Domino pizza delivery..) lucky they we able to help out with the ribbons and packing...fuhh

The earlier order were 500 of these 4 cav almond and dates chocolate.The theme was purple but I used different types of ribbons for the 2

p/s : Pls excuse the quality of the photo...its handphone quality -Camera hubby bawak outstation..huhu

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why We Love Chocolate

One of the most pleasant effects of eating chocolate is the "good feeling" that many people experience after indulging.Have you ever seen anyone angry eating chocolate?.. A bite of rich,sweet chocolate melting in your mouth is a sensory experience like no other...No wonder this so call closest taste of heaven we can get to never goes out of date.. I guess it is almost impossible that one would not feel happy giving & receiving them...

Swiss inspired

Never under estimate good packaging

Friday, October 7, 2011

1 Malaysia

Choc Chip muffins with Malaysia Flag colour ribbons....Making 500 of this for a weekend ANSARA family get together...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We All Love Chocolate

Don't we all love chocolate?!!...It's been sometime since I made a cupcake entry as I have been very busy lately with pralines . This one was special as it was for my best friend ( not that I have many) . Chocolate cake with choc ganache , the topping is dark & white choc made using a praline mold ...given time anyone could make this