Monday, August 1, 2011

Almost Famous......Almost Amos

I couldn't judge myself but those who have had a bite of these choc chip cookies keep telling me that its Amos ...Well...perhaphs "Almost Amos".....Aidilfitri orders?!!..So sorry my hands are full ...but InsyaAllah on later dates...

These cookies also can be infused with cinnamon ,raisins,walnut ,pecan & almond...this Ramadhan my neighbours now not only get free smell...they get to bite on it too...

Wouldn't you be one proud host, handing out to your guest this stunning slide box filled with cookies?!!.. This box can fit in up between 5- 7 pcs of small cookies and they are from. RM5  onwards including box..the box is also available in any colour of choice with a min order of 200 boxes.

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