Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Healthy Muffins for good deed

I received a call early one morning from a friend requesting me to make "healthy "muffins for disable children at a nursing home in Cheras .I was not sure where to start but she wouldn't take no for an answer ,so I look up the net for this so call "healthy" muffins.... later came up with muffins using pure butter ,brown sugar, low fat milk ,"organic"flour & pesturised eggs which I found at Cold Storage Great Eastern Mall. It was indeed pricy... but for the kids...I believe it was good deed.... It's choc chip muffins and Pandan infused with Gula Melaka....I hope it's healthy enough...keep up the good work Shima...and thanks for the experience...hehe

Cocoa Heaven

It is not always that I get orders for coventure chocolates but for this raya season, most of my customers wanted something more lavish to spoil the receiver...and yes ...they opted for coventure packed in hard boxes .Coventure being a higher chocolate grade ... the taste melts smoothly in your mouth ...releasing the heavenly taste of cocoa seed...

The 400 boxes turned my 10 seater dining table & breakfast table into chocolate counters...we had to eat on mats ( best jugak teringat nostalgia rumah nenek dulu2 makan bersila ) for berbuka .....during nights like this my products need to be on a safer place to avoid the uninvited creatures namely Mr Semut..

Corporate Raya Gift

These were also orders from an organization in celebration of Ramadhan and coming Syawal...1boughti 4okg of chocolate block  to accomodate the Raya orders....masih ada balance for makan2 sendiri...hehe...

Chocolate factory

These  fab and delicious boxes of 25 cav chocs was made for a product lauching doorgift order. The client wanted Certified Halal coventure chocolates filled with various nuts and fillings .

These were corporate gifts and it was a pleasure that I had the chance to work with a higher budget for better quality chocolate & one time my house looked like a chocolate factory with lines of boxes and cartons of chocolates....felt like Willy Wonker for a while

It took me almost 3 full days to make 80 boxes of these paid off..hehe

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Macaroon Madness

It seems that these sinfully sweet little devils are very much in demand .To those who wrote in requesting for Mad Macs for Ramadhan & coming Raya ( mostly friends), I am truly sorry that I am unable to take any further mac orders due to my tight schedule on pre orders.

RM2.50 (Minimum orders 60 pcs)

Guest of Honour...

You can never go wrong with chocolate cake for your guest .....I don't know anyone who doesn't appreciate the soft moist rich taste of bitter sweet coco....

Packed in a box as elegant as this black and red damask.....anyone would feel like they are the guest of honour...

( Minimum 200 boxes4 x4x5" ) - 1 month notice

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

M&M cupcakes - Kids love them....daddy do too..

Who doesn't like m&ms?!!!...Kids would grab these anytime.... favourites at Bday parties and mini size makes it handy ....chocolate mini cuppies with peanut butter icing & m&m ...who can ever get enough...

                Vanilla cupcake, chocolate ganache with extra m&m..yummy...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chocolates for a lovely lady

I made this box of peanut & deli caremel filling ( making it taste like mini snickers ) chocolates as a Ramadan gift upon order for a customer who is a soft spoken, sweet,petite ,lovely interior designer .The truth is I have lost count of her chocolate orders as she has been ordering every month since I started the business. According to her, she finds it easy to give chocolates as gifts for her clients ...and they love it...

As for this one was for her to give to her client .I must say she has good taste as her orders were always a combination of milk . dark and white chocolate where she lets me play with the shapes and arrangement. Very chic , very classy ..

I made marble effect on the chocolate by carefully combining the 3 types of chocolate.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Half Dip Oreos

I actually made these half dip Oreo choc a few months back as samples for a Chinese friend . It turn out lovely.

Who would forget a party box like this, minimum 100 boxes ( Min 100 box0

Monday, August 1, 2011

Almost Famous......Almost Amos

I couldn't judge myself but those who have had a bite of these choc chip cookies keep telling me that its Amos ...Well...perhaphs "Almost Amos".....Aidilfitri orders?!!..So sorry my hands are full ...but InsyaAllah on later dates...

These cookies also can be infused with cinnamon ,raisins,walnut ,pecan & almond...this Ramadhan my neighbours now not only get free smell...they get to bite on it too...

Wouldn't you be one proud host, handing out to your guest this stunning slide box filled with cookies?!!.. This box can fit in up between 5- 7 pcs of small cookies and they are from. RM5  onwards including box..the box is also available in any colour of choice with a min order of 200 boxes.