Friday, July 15, 2011

Graceful Gift

Made this earlier this month and I love the way it turn out too.I actually proposed my customer a smaller box that can fit 3 minis or 3 aluminum wrap choc but they wanted to be more generous with their honorable guests and wanted a bigger box with more goodies . So I found this transparent box measuring 7x7 cm which can actually fit in up to 9 mini cupcakes.This one here was filled in with 6 minis to suit the budget.

Like any other pretty presented gifts, packaging is usually the greatest challenge for me as I usually need to stick to a budget. This one cost RM6 as the customer wanted a huge sticker& gross grain ribbons ....(I do have smaller boxes to fit in 3 minis ..refer to Pack it pretty page)

Was told that these yummy carrot walnut cakes were gifts for VIP guest and family.

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