Friday, July 29, 2011

Welcoming Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah all praises only to Allah that we are still given the time to be here to embrace the coming holy month of Ramadhan. ...Lets mark this month to do more good deeds and to devote more of our time for Allah's blessing and rewards.

Ramadhan favours for friends and office staffs are very much in demand now and I have stopped taking orders for August to cater for those who have already booked earlier..Again brown bags have made its hit with mostly opting for this form of packaging as it can be filled in with more goodies and.... yes!! menjimatkan

Choc Chip & almond cookies

Feeling festive already?

Chocolate chip cookies & chocolate dates ,mini muffins were filled in this brown bag decorated with ribbons ,doily paper and personal printed sticker/tag.


Up Close & personal

This brown bags were requested by Sarifah for a personal gathering between good office team mates...she had requested for each bags to be imprinted with her name and a personal message of thanks...since I do my own printing anything is part.. orders does not have to be in the hundreds..Sarifah jumped with joy when she saw what I had made for her to give her friends...hehe....

Damask design gives a very classy look to the ordinary brown bag and a gross grain maroon ribbon adds the glam touch...the tag is printed on laser paper card and it holds nicely to the bag..

7 Mini choc chip muffins, One Oreo choc & 1 peppermint filling you go

Each bags carries a different colour on the thank you message note..a very personal touch on every bag...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Handmade customized & cost effective goodie bags

Love these adorable brown paper bag with personalized strap You can even have your photos on the laser print card strap to add fun and personality .Since my last posting on brown paper bag packaging ,I have receive overwhelming response from friends for these simple cost saving yet cute little bags to pack in goodies for Bday ,engagement & even Hari Raya....Sorry to friends I had to turn down as they were very last minute ( before Ramadhan) and I cannot handle such qty on short notice .These are handmade so please do give me sufficient time for your orders, at least 2 weeks for 50 bags and above.Minimum order is 50 bags. In case you need more do let me know even earlier...

This one here was made for baby Sheera...a friend's daughter who just turned 1 last Friday ..3 mini cupcakes and 2 lolly chocs for her cute cozy party ...Happy Bday Sheera...

Even when it is on a budget , your guest will go home glad.
(Brown bag with square tag is only RM0.80)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Graceful Gift

Made this earlier this month and I love the way it turn out too.I actually proposed my customer a smaller box that can fit 3 minis or 3 aluminum wrap choc but they wanted to be more generous with their honorable guests and wanted a bigger box with more goodies . So I found this transparent box measuring 7x7 cm which can actually fit in up to 9 mini cupcakes.This one here was filled in with 6 minis to suit the budget.

Like any other pretty presented gifts, packaging is usually the greatest challenge for me as I usually need to stick to a budget. This one cost RM6 as the customer wanted a huge sticker& gross grain ribbons ....(I do have smaller boxes to fit in 3 minis ..refer to Pack it pretty page)

Was told that these yummy carrot walnut cakes were gifts for VIP guest and family.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Saving Earth - Be Eco Friendly

In my effort to reduce the usage of plastic for packing my products I do try to encourage my customers to consider brown paper bags .Besides it being cheaper than other form of packaging ,it's environment friendly . I love it for the fact that it is fun to make and it can cater for low to medium size budget customers who wishes to hand out to their guest affordable quality goodies on a budget.

I love working on brown paper bag projects , they use cheaper materials and you can be creative with your decorations . Very suitable for those looking for medium cost pakaging option

Brown bag with silver ribbons & damask sticker.To use stickers orders has to be at a minimum of 100 bags

Kids theme...printed in laser paper card and no minimum I self design and print the cards

These simple no fuss min budget brown bags were made for a baby girl kenduri Aqiqah , it was filled with one L size vanilla cupcake & 1 pcs oreo choc- RM3.o0..

For the men,chocolate cupcake & 1 pcs oreo dark choc.

Petite Cakes

Petite /mini size Carrot Walnut cupcake with lemon cream cheese is never enough

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Party Packs

Chocolate chip cupcake wrapped in transparent pack with grossgrain ribbon & tag for a Bday party

Made50 boxes of these a few weeks ago and its one of my favourite packs.The 7 x5 inch box was filled with 1 oreo choc ,1 blueberry muffin and 2 disney lollichocs .

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Catering to every budget

Lately I received many request for budget packs, with the rise of prices on many consumer goods the need to trim on expenses becomes even more critical. I recently made 300 of these wholesome orange peel cake for a wedding , even with such simplicity , the host was happy. These plastic wrap no tag no sticker nor ribbons was only for RM1.30....Didn't I mention I would cater to every budget?..

Monday, July 4, 2011

PaperCrafted Flowers

These charming pink paper dahlia fits in nicely 3 pcs of aluminum wrap chocolates. This will look great on any table and are for those looking for something soft looking yet exciting..

Pretty In Pink

I Personally love chocolates in its original colour.But for many pink seems to be a favorite ... does look very sweet .

Friday, July 1, 2011

Aluminum wrap chocolates

Aluminum wrap chocolates gives the chocolate a clean look of glamour and it also makes it easier to handle

Stunning dulang hantaran chocolates with fresh flowers...pic from customer

Also makes a delightful door gift

Chocolate with deli caramel filling

It has been sometime since I posted Bday choc boxes .I guess since most of box carry almost the same design as requested by my customer I did not see why I should post the same look over and over again .This one however was made with a new leaf mold I just bought and I was given the freedom to arrange them...she wanted green, pink simple and sweet.

Maple leaf & Roses choc with deli caramel tastes somewhat like toffee

Damask Self write tag