Thursday, April 28, 2011

Red Velvet Cupcake -Get Well Soon

Red Vevet cupcake has been a hit lately. Rasa coklatnya yang rich & unik sebab ada vinegar makes it lain from other cakes. It is called Red velvet coz the cake itself is red... makan satu nak lagi..cream cheese frosting made it even more heavenly

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Macarons Madness

My first box of macarons done at class .......

Making it agak tricky & kena banyak sabar dan keberangkalian untuk tak jadi tu memang ada which explains why it has a high price tag ( RM2.50- RM4.80) ......anyhow bila berjaya memang happy sangat2 beyond words....untuk perfectkan lagi my macaron ni,I will be attending another class this weekend at Natalie's nathaliegourmetstudio ....agak mahal kelas tu tapi ilmu is always an investment....yup!...dah ada yang mengorder but I said tak sedia lagi.....sabar ya....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Creativity at Work- Inspirasi Belgium

I am at my happiest when I am given freedom oleh pelanggan to create the chocolate. On many occasions ,designs are based on customer's request..roses are most popular ...Well..I have to respect their choices right!?

Today, this sweet box of 35 was designed by yours truly...filled with crushed oreos, almonds, raisins,peanutbutter & hazel....need I say more?!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cupcakes crave

A humble beginning of a chocolate cupcake

Vanilla & Choc cupcakes with blue buttercream dan choc ganache topping...always a winner!!

Sampling of choc cupcake

A potential customer asked for sampling of Choc cupcake with simple topping (Tak nak banyak sangat coklat )dan nak ada coklat putih bentuk heart with bunga putih kecil je kat atas cake (kena ikut apa pelanggan nak ya) , so ni lah hasilnya.......It is moist dark choc cupcake with choc frosting (Rich !!!) deco bunga gum paste readymade beli kat Bake With Yen ....

Cupcake yang ni dari koleksi Martha Steward (sumber inspirasi )....pretty kan!!!??

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Petite Pack Are Back - economy Pack

Petite packs termasuk dalam senarai bajet pek dan agak laris pada musim kenduri yang lepas. I stopped taking orders for budget packs for a while since I was overwhelm by hardbox orders for exclusive functions (Maaf tak dapat publish dalam blog atas permintaan pelanggan). Anyway pek ekonomi sudah kembali...

Soft Box of 3 with bubblerice peanut butter filling
RM2 each with Ribbons
( Minimum order 50 boxes)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chocs On Cuppie Cakes!!!

This was a special request today from a satisfied chocolate customer . 30 cups of moist Vanilla cake with Choc butter cream swirl for friends who are coming over tonight to visit her and her new born baby ....kira last minute SOS !! orderlah ni....

Cupcakes are still very much in demand and I do take orders when tak sibuk sangat ..belum buat blog for cupcake at the moment...maybe later ... TQ Nita...

Selling at RM3.00 each
( medium size)


500 boxes of 3 and 100 box of 6 order from Kak Tini untuk for wedding reception adiknya di Seremban .Mixture of classic choc box of 3 & 6 sebagai tanda ingatan untuk tetamu. I was invited was lovely..truly unforgettable

RM3.50 each (Min 50 boxes).
( Above 50 boxes RM3 )

RM7.oo each (Min order 50 boxes)
(RM6.50 for above 50 boxes)

Boxes are Metallic finishing available in Red & Gold

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Memoirs of Coconut candy

The shape and colour of this chocolate made for a Bday is a reminder of coconut candy which I use to enjoy eating as a kid .Kids now days are more familiar dengan commercial candy and maybe have never tasted coconut candy . I'm going to make these again and fill them with coconut...hmm
This was a last minute order from a dear friend Laila for her son Adam to bring to school and share dengan kawan sekelas on his normally do not appreciate design but fascinated by colour...which is why I came up with this whimsical of colour block peanut butter chocolate ....a mixture of white choc , milk choc and peanut butter...Happy Bday good.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Shades of baby blue

This design was inspired by the prints on the Ribbons...4 shades of blue.

Pn Kay came over to my house untuk bincang tempahan for majlis house warming & aqiqah anaknya di rumah baru....tertarik dengan my ribbon collection .... asked if I can make something as sweet as the this was was I came up with...she loved it...what more can I say.. I'm happy too....lots of thanks Pn Kay...

Box of 4 in Die Cut Box
RM5 .50( Minimum order 50 boxes)
( RM5. for orders above 100 boxes with simple ribbons)
* Printed ribbon as in photo add RM0.50 each box.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Merak Kayangan Grand Appearance

These classic chocs filled with almond and peanut butterbubblerice (yummy!!) are packed in Maroon Hard Boxes tied with Silver Organza Ribbons..nampak stunning!... siap untuk its grand appearance at a Dewan Merak Kayangan Wedding.. ...Thanks Kak Zai dari Risda HQ...

Something like this will cost RM12 each. ( Minimum order of 20 boxes).For orders above 100 boxes, pelanggan boleh pilih warna kotak ikut citarasa atau tema majlis ( 1 month in advance notice)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bitter Sweet

2000 boxes ready for the BIG DAY , a mixture of dark and milk chocolate filled with roasted almond. Order for an upcoming wedding.They say marriage is somewhat like chocolate... it taste better when there is a blend of bitter sweet .

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcoming Baby Girl - Kenduri Aqiqah

Order of 50 boxes peanut butter bubblerice praline dari Kak Mai for kenduri aqiqah cucu sulungnya. As seen,the purple and pink printed satin ribbon menaikan seri kotak ni.In many occasion presentation does matter to the host and this gift is sure a delightful one to receive... Thanx Kak Mai & tahniah

Box of 4 with printed satin ribbons
RM5.50 each
( Minimum order 50 boxes)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bed of Roses

It will surely look like a bed of roses if I were to arrange all the 800 pcs of pink roses.

Memandangkan ni loose order and customer nak buat own packing , I beli this huge almost 1 foot tall plastic container to simpan semua coklat ni . TQ Kak Rohaya of Taman Cahaya Ampang.