Friday, December 30, 2011

Tart temptations - Ushering into the new year

These tarts are my last bakes for this year and my biggest tart bakes so far..By 8pm tonight I've to deliver 500pcs of these fern design blueberry cheese tarts for a regular macaron customer of mine .She will be hosting a new year party at the poolside of her condominium....overlooking KLCC...Wow!!.. some people are just so lucky..was told they were going to smoke some ribs and lobsters....I guess I'll be too tired by then to accept the invitation....infact I may have snooze myself to dreamland when the fireworks light up the skies ...


Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year promotion - Chocs ,Bags & Mac

In welcoming new year 2012 ,Chantiq ST is glad to offer special price for orders made between 1 Jan 2012 till 30th Jan 2012

Praline box of 4 + custom tag + side bow ribbons
RM5 instead of RM5.50 ( min 50boxes)

Box of 20 Macarons at RM40 ( 2 colour/flavour mix)

Box of 12 at RM24 ( mix of 2 colour/flavour)

Brown bags has been a hit for last to months I am extending my offer to include them in my new year promotion.These brown bags with custom card labels are going for RM1 each only instead of RM1.30 ( min 50 bags) - I'm left with limited stocksof string bags hurry

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mengkuang baskets - lets reduce waste

With a little imagination.... simple mengkuang baskets & clay flowers have been transformed into elegant favor handouts...these baskets are reusable compared to paper boxes ...... I am pretty sure those receiving them will have it for keeps...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Colour therapy

It is truly amazing what these little colourful almond cookies can do. I just love making them even when there are times their feet disappoint me . Their colours are like a therapy to the sightand brings so much joy making them ...and one of the best part is when I see the happy look on the faces receiving them.....its sheer bliss knowing others are as happy too..

Filling are dark choc ganache & pepermint chocolate

Misture of Choc Peanut Butter & Nuttela filling

Colour therapy

I use the French mac recipe written by Jill Colonna in her book Mad about Macarons....on a wet day I will convert to the Italian method using cooked sugar....however even with such methods and many success there are still times when they just don't come out right...mac's makes me humble..

Friday, December 23, 2011


I was left speechless after finally completing over 1000 packs of various goody bag packs this week, tired but satisfied . Favorite choice of deco is still doily paper & laced ribbons. Thanks to my friend Shima who has been helping me out this peak season.

Final touches on the maroon theme bags ,attaching a hang on ribbon after packing in the goods to make it easy for the receiver to carry....

Monday, December 19, 2011

Choo Choo Train Brown bag

These RM7.00 Choo Choo Train Trail goodie bag pack were filled with :

40gm M&M choc candy
25gm Nestle HoneyStar
1 vanilla muffin
1 mickey lollychoc

There's actually a lucky number written behind all 100 cards pasted to the brown bag....Iwas told that the grand prize winner will go back with a Famous Amos Cookie Hamper...nice..

A different Rose

I have been losing sleep lately...meeting year end seasonal demands. My bakes & chocolate meltings are done late nights after tucking in the little angels to sleep's only me ,light music on the CD & the sound of the Kitchen Aid mixer till the wee hours when the world is "dead" to most.I somehow love moments like this...the macarons turn out perfect even when baked at night- dried them in front of the oven.

There was hesitation combining orange & black for butter cream rose swirl but later love these mini dark chocolate cupcakes's a different Rose... I have never imagine that they would look these stunning...Oh they look a bit like haloween too...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bitter ,Salty & Sweet Macarons

This rainy season I dried the macarons shells in front of the oven after heating it up for 10 min at 100c before turning it off, they still turn out great with feet ,smooth skin & chewy interior .

I love to use dark chocolate for chocolate macarons , filled with dark choc ganache mixed in bit of coarse peanut butter making it taste like snickers.. a little bitter salty sweet...yum

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Apologies

My deepest apology to friends and those who had called in seeking for festive treats this holiday season...I have been booked weeks ahead and there is only so much I can take.. well it does seem like everybody is in an entertaining mode as 2011 lower its curtains...not to mention all the "kenduri" every other week rain or shine...

For now I am truly unable to take in anymore orders until new year 2012 kitchen Aid mixer & oven is "screaming" for a break am I and after all the hard work ( which I enjoy every moment of it) my kids deserve a piece of mom too this school holiday...hehe

Thanks for all your interest & support...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chocolate base tarts -

I have been asked what makes my fruit tart pastry crispy even after 24 hours storage. It's chocolate...Yup that wonderful cocoa glazed on the base of the tart shell separating the crust & the custard acts as a shield for moisture from the fruit & custard that usually makes the crust soggy after a few hours...

This one here was made simple by request..with just half of the seedless lacks colour compared to mix fruit tarts...but I think it looks & taste just as good...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Packing macarons

I found this lovely method of arranging macarons with ribbons on the internet and thought of trying it out on an order that was intended to be a gift by a customer to her friend....she loved it...I think it's cute too...

These are chocolate mac made using Valhora cocoa ,decorated with laced peach coloured ribbons that acts as partitions...double black organza ribbon to give it a contrasting look and a black damask design card to write on....

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Glazed Fruit tart

I love the look of petite fruit can be decorated with various fruits such as peach ,pineapple,grapes ,kiwi ,oranges , strawberry...etc...

These tarts makes a good dessert for tea time , parties and now has build its reputation for engagement & weddings...

Glazed fruit tarts are a classic dessert found in many cake shops but my favourite is Deli France...whenever I don't bake for orders but crave for a bite favourite deli is just 5 minutes away from home...

Kiwi ,Grape & peach

Kiwi & peach fruit tarts glazed with apricot gel
Care for a bite ?!! serve cold

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sampling of orders

On a few occasions , customers do ask me for sampling of what they wish to order and yes I am glad to say that I do provide sampling of my products provided they are serious customers and that potential orders are for a substantial quantity ie : above the value of RM300. By providing sampling ,customers will have a clear idea of what they are getting and they can inform me of any changes they want before I proceed with the makes it easy for both me & my customers..

Made these a few weeks back as samples for a customer who wanted them as part of goodies in an Aqiqah goodie bag...and instead of a piece or two I surprised her with a dozen...along with a mock up brown bag...she was hooked instantly....

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pretty in Blue

Blue defines calm & charm . I love working with blue theme , its a safe colour to play with.. combined with a little white or silver can hardly go wrong. The colour blue has its own gentle persona

Most of the projects I've done are of soft toned, I try to imagine a shade of stronger blue such as navy blue or even darker paired with gold...Ohh so stunning...

Tags & labels in damask design are my fav ...they are simply fabulous
Plain brown paper bag all dressed up...
Chocolate filled with bubble rice & whole roasted almond as a gesture of thanks to your guest
Harry & Diana....reminds me of British Royals...hmmm

Monday, November 28, 2011

It doesn't have to be polka dots

These cute little apams are economical & adorable . With some creativity the dots can also be stripes or in any other doesn't need to follow the norm even though it carries its commercial name as "apam polka dot"..maybe it deserves a new name..hmm..I've seen people have alphabets written on them...lady bugs ...super cute ..I've even seen rainbow color stripes...that's super tedious to make ....what ever colour they come in..what ever shape...I personally like its simple & cute personality....

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blue wedding theme

This time , my customer gave me a sample of turquoise coloured ribbon with a request that my macarons follow that shade of blue...hmm..this was the closest I could far so good....when mixing the colour it has to be a bit darker as it will turn lighter after baking....

I also had to reduce the filling to make sure the macs fit in the box given to me... didn't need my creative touch in the packing as my customer has given me ready to fill boxes & ribbons ...

These choc & peanut butter macs were only for the 100 guest at the VIP tables...other similar boxes were filled with candy....I went to the wedding....Everything was white & blue ... we had blue lemonade....charming...

Macaron Marvel

I guess Macarons hit Malaysian shores only recently ..maybe 1-2 years back . Unless one have traveled to Paris and pass by Laduree at Champ elysee street to peek into its stylish windows....we would have no idea what Macarons are...

These cookies does not come at its high price for nothing. They are indeed hard to make ... yup hard to make but once you have mastered the so call science of it , making them will comes at ease...however even with such skill ..there are still days when you just don't know what went wrong and the cookie flops...cracks....its so "macawrong" ...Perhaphs the bitter sweet relationship with macs make it the reason why we love them more ....its a true marvel

My fav...chocolate macarons....the hardest to make so far.....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It was a Great Schooling Year -Thank you teachers

The schooling season for 2011 has come to an end . It indeed was a great year with many great progress and achievement for me to keep as memories to wrap up the 2011 diary.

It is now almost 2 years since I took the road less traveled , a full time duty of managing the kids ,monitoring their development & being there through the good and the bad, experiencing it all first hand.

It was a challenge at first adjusting myself from a women who was used to board room meetings & power suit now running around the house trying to make everything perfect , later squeezing precious time doing what I love in my kitchen etc etc...just glad that I did purchased an apron in Harrods so that I can still be in style here...hehe ...guess I still needed a reminder to satisfy my ego...huhu...anyhow it was a choice I made and I am glad I was brave enough to take this path which I endlessly seek for Allah's guidance doing what I am doing...All praises to Allah it has benefited me & my family in many ways I have never imagined.It was the most unselfish decision I have ever made InsyaAllah

Ok now, my eldest son who is 14 made me a proud mom again this year by maintaining his top position in class ( num 2,3,4,5,6,7 were all girls...where are the boys!!...wake up little khalif!!)...we need more boys here in front line!!..

As a small gesture of appreciation ,he took this box of 15 chocolate filled with salted caramel, peanut butter & almond to school for Cikgu.....proudly announcing that they were handmade by mummy dearest....he is proud of what I am doing now for everybody and I can see how he appreciates all that I am doing for the family...It is a feeling I hardly felt in my 15 years of International Insurance broking career..that was the past & I am thankful for my present....

Self designed damask label printed on 230gsm card...Gorgeous!!
I love this shade of blue now....the black lacey ribbon makes it look like a Scalet Ohara gown from gone with the wind...Love it!!

Knowing that her brother has a gift for dear teacher ,my youngest daughter asked me to make macs for her teacher at kindy last night...yup last rained but I still went ahead to make them ...Made these teal & hot pink macarons for teachers at Little Khalif Al Hakim...lucky I had all their name list ...words would not be enough to say thanks to all the teachers...may your life be blessed...and yes...thanks a million for all that you have done.....